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March 2012 - Never Tear Us Apart 

As we approach tourist season in Ireland the excitement builds. New adventures, new friends to make and once in a lifetime trips for some. Some are embarking for the first time being single, some are taking their sons or daughters on graduation trips abroad and some are making a pilgrimage home. 

The video I chose this month always strikes me as I think about future travel to Ireland... Worlds collide... And they will never tear us apart...

Ireland is such an emotional trip for some. Most of us travel there for ancestry and to reconnect with what some call the "homeland". It's an inexplicable phenomenon where we are changed forever by traveling there, by the people we meet and the connections we make that last a lifetime. I'm sure it's the same for others making trips "home" for their respective heritage, but for me, Ireland is the friendliest of all places you can travel. 

This season brings us on the doorway to Ireland's Garden County, Wicklow where we will be taking in private and public gardens in Ireland from Dublin. We will be traveling Dublin County in gardens like Helen Dillon's city garden to great estates such as Powerscourt in Enniskerry, Wicklow. We'll travel from there to Cork.  It will be a great garden tour.

Our next tour of the season brings us to Enniscoe House in County Mayo where we'll be hands on in the garden doing restoration work. This is an exciting time for us as it embarks us on the real time, hands on, giving back to the community, and philanthropic ethos of the company. We hope you can join us in the endeavor. There's more to come!

In August we will be touring Dublin, Kerry and Galway for genealogy. This tour will be hands on, then a lot of touring to see where we lived, where we worked and to follow the trail for some from Kerry to Galway in ancestry. 

In the Fall we will be traveling back up North to County Antrim and Fermanagh.  For years we have traveled here as it seems most researching their roots want to travel here. So many Scots-Irish come from here and it seems they are the most determined to find themselves. It's just my observation of the past tours and of my own ancestry, finding that my McGuire’s really did come from Maguiresbridge in County Fermanagh. History often repeats itself and finding that sense of place can make all the difference to some. Understanding where we came from gives understanding of where we are today.  It also gives us a foundation from which to work from. I always look at the ancestry tours as a way of working things out, understanding our families and their values; of discovering who we are...  Won't you join us?  You never know when those worlds collide what might happen! 



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