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***A special note about our food industry as we are weathering unprecedented energy bills in Ireland and the UK. As our favorite food establishments try and go on we need to find our local support for this hard-won industry, not just for them, but for our sense of place in the foodie world and really for all of us that believe so strongly in individual and small business concepts and what they bring to the table that is ultimately going to keep us strong as individuals with unique voices. It is time to step away from the masses and make noise about what is being hoisted upon us.  This is where the individual meets the collective needs of the nations. Please make a stand, wherever you are, to fight this blatant disregard for small businesses around the globe. The trickle-down effect is enormous. More than we have ever experienced in the past decades.  We have weathered the storms before, but it is different now and has been dealt with a deafening blow. One we need to respond to with our voices and our actions to support each other. 

As a small business owner, it affects me in the way that I serve my clients by giving them options for food in Ireland and the UK. We will continue to strive to meet your needs and make the best recommendations on the most current happenings around the Isles as we receive the news.  Please don't hesitate to ask questions and find out where you can help us in the fight for freedom, free speech, free trade, and keeping our small businesses alive and thriving. ***

Ireland is quickly becoming one of the best places for the new up-and-coming chefs, the new breed of chef that stretches our limits for taste, organic produce, and sustainable farming practices for veg and for meats and poultry that is easily traced back to the farmer, the garden the person at the helm of what we eat in Ireland.  It's an exciting time of innovation and collaboration like the video above that shows just what our great chefs can accomplish together, bringing the community together and focusing on what's right in the world and how we can make it a better place by supporting the efforts for the sustainable environment we all crave.  

At Time Travel we always strive to offer you food choices in your travels whether it's for a one-off self-guided tour or a group tour. We know our restaurants, our chefs, and what they offer to guide you for any type of occasion or budget. We know the latest news like where to taste the latest microbrew offerings or the best place for gluten-free or vegetarian fare. 

We look forward to showing you the best that Ireland offers and partnering with Good Food Ireland, Bord Bia, and the Irish Restaurant Association for guidance and the latest news on what's on and what's happening in Ireland.  


The Video this month is on one of the founding mothers of food in Ireland, Myrtle Allen.  This film was made before her death in 2018.  She has inspired many of us and I thought it appropriate to show the video so that you, the traveler can see where Ireland started its love of food and a history of sorts at one of the best cookery schools and also one of the best places to stay in Ireland, Ballymaloe.   Set on the southern coast of Ireland it is one of our favorite places to call home for a night or two .. or three!  I hope you enjoy the film.                         



                                                                                         Local Food Festivals 2023



       Dungarvan Food Festival - West Waterford Food Festival  

      Dingle Food Festival 


     Kilkenny Food Festival 

            Savour Kilkenny

    Midleton Food Festival   September TBA 


Food on the Edge - Galway
October 16 & 17, 2023

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