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 Consulting Available by Appointment Only 

I love to consult people in their travel adventures! And their genealogical quests. Here are some of the other areas I love to consult in and I am open to any type of consulting collaboration be it big or small.  

 * Implementing changes within the hotel, bed & breakfast and guest house environment
 * Social Media training - Twitter
 * Logistics for bands and films crews traveling abroad
 * Open leg and private jet bookings
 * Have a cause?  Feel free to ask me for web space on the Special Interest Page 
 * People connector - Hospitality Industry, including GM, Chef and Consulting referrals
 * People connector - IT - Portland, Oregon to Ireland and Northern Ireland - referrals 
 * Connect Ireland 
 * Garden and Travel writer logistics in Ireland and Northern Ireland - Media Specialist
 * Grants
 * Non Profit board consulting
 * Tour operations for small operators (under 5 employees)
 * Genealogy Consultations and Research

Have a project? I'd love to hear about it! I love to connect people and believe that we are all in this together.

Let's go make the world a better place!  

Consulting charges are as follows:

           $75.00 per hour for genealogical services or $650.00 per day

           $250.00 per hour for tour, travel, or non-profit consulting.

I'm always open to trading services!  


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