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Enniscoe House Project & Friends ...... 

Enniscoe House is a lovely historic house that sits on the Lough Conn in the West of Ireland in County Mayo.  A wild area for exploring, the house, one of the best kept in Ireland, is a hub for hunting, fishing and just taking a relaxing break for a great weekend in the country. When I first traveled to Ennsicoe it was quite by accident and I found the place charming, remote and a way to entertain my clients as well as a perfect spot to travel the West.  You can easily tour Achill and Sligo and the surrounding counties. 

One evening we were brainstorming on touring, gardening and over a dram of Irish Whiskey, we thought it would be a great idea to invite you to take part in a historic restoration of different projects throughout Ireland. 

A Little About the Projects

The houses that we will focus on are under the nonprofit, Irish Historic Houses Association (For Private Owners).  The focus of this organization is to help private owners navigate everything from restoration projects to government relations in the owning and keeping of their historic homes. The houses are all privately owned and funded, relying heavily on open houses, overnight stays and restaurants as some of their sources of income. Other houses in this category have working farms, equestrian centers and yearly fund raisers, such as Stradbally Hall’s Electric Picnic, to keep the places viable and well run, keeping Ireland’s history alive for tourists such as ourselves and for future generations.

Time Travel’s goal is to help facilitate these efforts through tourism by offering tours that are small, intimate and that give back to the Irish people. Enniscoe House was one of the first projects in 2012. The entire project consisted of the rock wall and the Rockery,  a historic garden restoration in keeping with the original plans and architecture of the garden, being completed through the grant awarded to Ennsicoe and with matching funds from Enniscoe, it is now open for visits, tea at the onsite genealogical center and the house is open a few times a year for public viewing if you are not a guest. However, I do highly recommend Enniscoe for a lovely Irish country stay and it is also a pet frieindly facility. You may see pictures of Ennsicoe on their site or here at Time Travel's offices of the restoration work. 

Other projects such as  this and in coming years will include planting kitchen gardens, walled garden restoration work and other artistic projects within select houses and gardens of Mayo, Galway and Waterford counties.   You are very welcome to join us in this historical and philanthropic approach to travel. 


Can't Join Us But Want to Contribute?

On our INTERACTIVES below, you can link to the Irish Historic House association (www.ihh.ie).  They are a non-profit organization designed to help historic houses in need and will gladly take donations for this project as well as any other historic house you wish to support. Your contribution is a full charity gift. Thank you for your support. Without you, we will surely lose some of our most valuable historic resources and houses. 


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