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 A Historical Tour Through Ireland - August 7-18, 2024

Join us next August for a special tour of Ireland's Castles and Big Houses. We'll be taking in private and public houses throughout Ireland and exploring great estates such as Birr Castle Estate and some of our favorite places, like Castletown House & Gardens outside of Dublin. This is a learning tour, where you will be immersed in talks, walks, and discussions with the locals to learn more about Ireland from ancient times and Celtic Kings to current day Lords & Ladies who carry on their legacies as well as new owners of the Big House, that have repurposed them for hotels or museums drawing knowledge from the famine when so many Irish immigrated to America or were deported to Australia where they took on new lives, some staying and some returning home to work the family farms or start anew after British rule and independence was won in 1922.        

This is a 12-day tour of castles and historic houses. We will visit off-the-beaten-path properties, chat with the owners of the houses and gardens, and spend our evenings in these historic places so steeped in Irish history affording one time to really enjoy the real Ireland and her people.  The tour is limited to 16 persons. Please email us with interest and we'll send you the full itinerary.   Only 10 spots left! Singles welcome! 

You can reach us at 503-421-0029 or info@timetraveltours.com 

        We'll be updating the website monthly with bios of the houses, castles, and the historians who will join us on tour. 

                                                  Payment Link to join the tour  - Castle Tour 


                                                                              Kilkenny Castle                        




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