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If you have arrived here from a family search at ancestry, Rootsweb.com, or UlsterHeritage.com or if you came to us from American Way Magazine, we encourage you to browse our pages, ask us questions and get to know us!  We are the only tour company that leads in-depth, focused tours of Ireland for the purpose of research, family history, and genealogy.  Every other year, we also travel to the UK, including Wales, Scotland, and England, to work in tandem with your research needs in Ireland and are excited to offer a comprehensive package specifically for researchers.

A typical trip includes touring important facilities and researching at the National Archive in Dublin, private collections, and PRONI in Belfast - to name just a few.  Weekends are spent among the Irish people – exploring and staying at historic hotels, castles and sometimes spa resorts.  You are guaranteed an Irish experience, a home away from home, where you can do your best research. You will truly experience Ireland, your ancestors’ homeland.  We offer weekend touring and seminars by local historians to round out your research tour.

We also offer day consulting for those of you traveling in Ireland and we are happy to offer assistance in family history or getting you in touch with a historian in your area of interest. Please inquire! We are here to help you make your trip to Ireland that once in a lifetime experience. 


                The long lost relatives researching ...                                             

 Ireland is magical so some of what you research isn’t housed in a library.  We include in every tour a chance to explore your county of research, your family graveyard, and the locals.  Who knows - Perhaps one of them is long lost cousin in search of his or her relatives in America, Canada or Australia!


 At the beginning of each research tour, we ask you your needs and go to work maximizing your time in Ireland.  We pre-order maps and do our own assessment of your research to see if we can further your work before we leave on tour.  We base the tour around no less than 6 and no more than 12 persons traveling.  The tour is small and intimate.  We take you to places that you wouldn't be able to as an individual traveling alone or as a big group.  You'll gain new friends and truly get to know Ireland.

 Our tours for 2019 will take us the length and breadth of Ireland, North, and South.  We have a special tour planned for Northern Ireland to Scotland this year.  Our other series tours will be in Northern Ireland, taking in Fermanagh, Antrim and Down counties with a special tour of the Scots-Irish.  It will be an overview of heritage, experience and a great time in Northern Ireland and Scotland.  The tours this year are in-depth research tours, focusing on breaking down brick walls.


          family graveside Ireland     Family graveside of ancestor - 5 generations

If you want to ask a question, have a special need or would like a private tour to research your family, we have specialists around the country to help and we are happy to recommend them and to tour with you to find your roots.

You can find out more about our genealogical services and consulting rates here on the consulting page.   More information is also available on upcoming genealogy tours on the Tour Page of the website. 


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