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Time Travel Tours believes in giving back to the community, abroad, and at home in the United States.  Please inquire about supporting your favorite charity or non-profit through tourism.

We are excited to bring our services to you with new offerings in seminars on travel and genealogy and on one of our favorite places in the world, the island of Ireland.  Because we have so much time on the ground in Ireland, we offer a distinct advantage over the competition and can provide high recommendations on making your trip to Ireland a special one. We also offer trips all over the world and with 35 years of experience in the travel business, we have a vast experience to offer you on many different levels.  

A list of our services is as follows: 

  * Full-Service Travel Consulting 

  * Travel Insurance including expatriate insurance for health and long-term stays abroad (offered through our        affiliates, Ginger Aarons and Time Travel (LLC)) and TravelGuard Insurance services 

  * Private Jet Charters and Last minute Business and First Class Savings 

  * Private Yacht Charters anywhere in the world 

  * Worldwide Vacation Services including customized itineraries for your ultimate travel experience. 

  * Cruise Specials 

  * Special Vacation Packages customized for your own travel experiences 

Time Travel Tours provides a series of journeys and tours of our community home, the beautiful Pacific Northwest to offer more in the local marketplace for those near and far.  Our mission is always to provide the best available service, to offer the best value for your money, and to share secrets ... but only the really good ones! 

Please watch for the latest offers... and a way to support our local tourism efforts in Oregon and Ireland. 

Near and dear to our hearts, these charities are ones we support, know, and value because of what they offer in their community service.  Please take time to check out the links and give a helping hand.

Integrated Education Fund - www.ief.org.uk

Salvation Army - www.salvationarmy.org

Irish Historic Houses Association - www.ihh.ie

Irish Georgian Society - www.igs.ie


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