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It's been a long time coming to start my blog again. Part due to circumstances of my divorce, part due to having a lack of want to write. I am sure every writer goes through periods of blocked energy, imagination or even as simple as general malaise. I won't lie, the road has been hard. Someone once told me I was like a china doll; hard exterior but soft on the inside.  Not from the natural state of my being, but out of necessity to get through such a horrendous time in life where you question your direction in life and decide that it will be better or you will simply fold and fade off into that proverbial sunset. God had a different plan and reminded me through a friend that you have to have a sense of place. It's what it's about, it shapes who we are and how we think. I have talked about this but suddenly realised I had stopped living it.  I have a gift of showing this to people through travel and touring such a great country. My friend showed me by reminding me through song and pictures of Ireland; calling me home and reminding me of my calling to live and show a sense of place to those of you who choose my company for travel. Even if it isn't Ireland you choose to tour. 

I was on the brink of deciding to move to Ireland to open the shop there or to stay here Stateside to open and return to a brick and mortar type setting of a travel office and Irish gift shop. Timing would have it that I opted for the latter and now opening a new place in Charbonneau Golf Community has proven a good move, to show people here a reason to go find Ireland and their sense of place there through ancestry or just good old fashioned touring. We all learn from any travel we do and I am pleased to be able to offer this to the community here including workshops on ancestry, touring, general travel and to offer quality Irish goods.  We will grow slowly but so many exciting things are happening, we will update often and keep everyone posted as to what's new and what we have on offer. We are dedicated to helping Ireland thrive into this next chapter in all our lives. Living in truth and dedication to offering the best travel experience you can have is our mantra. 

The video I chose this month is by Birdy - Wings. Amazing cinemotography and amazing sentiment for me in thinking why I'm here, my purpose and my mission. Because I was reminded that these wings CAN fly .... 

I remain in service to you, 



If you're out and about in the Portland Metro area .. please feel free to stop in and say hello!  We'd love to see you! 

We are located at :

31840 SW Charbonneau Dr. 
Ste. A1-2
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070
T/  503-454-0897

10AM-5PM Monday - Friday and by appointment on the weekend or evenings until December 1st, 2013



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