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The Titanic Quarter - Rebirth for Sailortown 

The video I chose this month for the blog is one persons view on Sailortown or what we are now calling the Titanic Quarter.  You can find other video throughout the site with new perspectives on Northern Ireland through Richard Bangs accounts in travel. While I have been traveling to the North for 14 years, working on genealogy and finding my way around the place in all it's beauty, I have seen changes that were never once thought possible. In the short time I've been showing people the North, I have been very proud in the fact that I could call it some of my ancestors home and part of it spoke to me and has left an indelible mark upon the framework in which I call my sense of place. Remember, we create, we can envision a new future and it's part of what Belfast has grabbed hold of in recent years, not to mention the great city of Derry. 

The video by Northern Visions TV and Del Halligan is testimony to what has transpired in the area in the short amount of time of two years. And while the mourning of loss is felt in a community that once was, the new community is thriving with an influx of visitors and giving Belfast something once again for that area, to be proud of in building together. They worked together as a community to create that sense of place, so that it wasn't lost.  While building "up" is a sign of our times, the altruistic vision is there and one worth seeing and experiencing. 

When I was in Belfast in April, the Titanic building was fantastical. We held our meetings there for the tourism trade and we explored the great city of Belfast, again.  A place I never get tired of and that has it's own feel and it's own history. We had the Belfast Gospel choir sing for us on the steps of the staircase that was an exact replica of the Titanic's and the words that still fill my mind and heart is the song called "Something Inside So Strong" because it takes that inner fortitude for a community and indeed a person to survive the times and make those changes that bring growth. 

Rebirth... Growth... Creating that Sense of Place by learning from the past, incorporating it and being true to that vison, whatever it is for you, it that thing that is taking us all as a community, be it our local or international, to the next level.  One where we all thrive.



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