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This year we open a new chapter for Time Travel Tours.  We strive to offer you a way to learn, grow, and be philanthropic on a scale that can’t be reached as an individual.  We are eager to find ways to give back to the community, creating a “Sense of Place” – a concept we are all rapidly losing.  We are striving to bridge the gap, make the move to a better community, a global community and learn along the way.

Check out our feature videos of projects that are happening in and around Ireland and Britain. We will be showcasing a new video every six weeks. If you have a special project you would like to have promoted on this site, please feel free to contact us and share your story!

The above video features Hugh Bonneville, Robert Crawley, The Earl of Grantham of Downton Abbey    on Masterpiece Theater, one of our favorite shows.  I personally have been watching Masterpiece Theater since I was 12 years old with those memories encasing my childhood with history and the love of a good story like The Duchess of Duke Street.  Join us in supporting the Bampton Archive's restoration project of the Old Grammar School that dubs as The Downton Cottage Hospital. 

We also have a new book project we are working on and you can find a lot of special interest tours on our Tour Page. From garden restoration to Harmonic Convergences and Golf to Genealogy we have you covered in Ireland.  We only take groups of 12 or less, and our time with you is customized to your needs and wants in touring.  We also tour Ireland three months of the year finding the best places to go play, stay and eat. We are proud to offer you the best of the best in Ireland.




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