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Frank Moore fought in World War II in Normandy. Like so many of our veterans that gave their time and for some, their lives, this is a chance to heal and to gain perspective in a time where there was no choice but to stand up and fight.  A young soldier at the time, Frank will have the opportunity to travel to Normandy and do what he loves to do and is famous for, fly fishing as well as meet the people of Normandy. Uncage The Soul will be producing his journey for all of us to share in and to you can help make this happen by joining us in the endeavor.

You can find out more information at Uncage The Soul website and at the Indiegogo website. One that helps promote projects such as these for "crowd funding".  Crowd funding is a way for projects to reach out to their local and international communities for financial help in making such a project possible. Time Travel will be giving it's time and expertise in travel to help this project.  Please join us in the endeavor. And feel free to call and ask questions.  

Here is the website for those that would love to contribute.  If there are other ways you would like to contribute, please call Time Travel or please get in touch with Uncage The Soul Productions at www.uncagethesoul.com   

Crowd Funding by Indiegogo at www.indiegogo.com/projects/frank-moore-mending-the-line  for more on Frank's story. Because it's all about a great story that helps us heal the wounds of the past and to continue the legacy of peace building through extraordinary people like Frank Moore. 

Thank you for your support!   

Ginger Aarons, CTC, Director
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