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Once again I'm showing you a video of one of my personal favorite chefs in Ireland.  Why? Because he's personable, a great teacher and we love visiting Paul Flynn on tour. The cookery school is state of the art and Paul's teaching style affords you the confidence to learn and succeed no matter what your skill level. 

Cooking together on tour is a great team building effort and it is something I try to offer on tour, especially foodie and garden tours as they seem to go hand in hand. The experience changes you as you learn about the different culture in Ireland and you learn about her people and the way they grew up. 

In April I will be traveling over to the Waterfood Food Festival that takes place in Dungarvan, County Waterford.  It is a three day cultural event, brining in chefs, bloggers, wine makers, beer makers and all of us that just enjoy good food!  It is a magical place and a magical time. Watch my blog for the latest on the Festival and if you get a wild hair, join me!  I'll be wearing my PR hat and checking out the latest in food. 

You can find all you need to know about the Festival at this link Waterford Food Festival 



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