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Ireland is quickly becoming one of the world's best places for the new up and coming chefs, the new breed of chef that stretches our limits for taste, organic produce, sustainable farming practices for veg and for meats and poultry that is easily traced back to the farmer, the garden the person at the helm of what we eat in Ireland.  It's an exciting time of innovation and collaboration like the video above that shows just what our great chefs can accomplish together, bringing community together and focusing on what's right in the world and how we can make it a better place by supporting the efforts for the sustainable environment we all crave.  

At Time Travel we always strive to offer you food choices in your travels whether it's for a one off self guided tour or a group tour. We know our restaurants, our chefs and what they offer to guide you for any type of occasion or budget. We know the latest news like where to taste the latest micro brew offerings or the best place for gluten free or vegetarian fare. 

We look forward to showing you the best that Ireland offers and partner with Good Food Ireland, Bord Bia and the Irish Restaurant Association for guidance and the latest news on what's on and what's happening in Ireland.  

See the entire film called 12 Mile by Tall Story Media here on how they source all their produce and meat within 12 miles of the restaurant. Talk about sustainable and organic... not to mention all the hard work that goes into providing the best for the consumer!  Join us on tour to experience the best that Ireland has to offer in food, experience and getting to know Ireland and her people.  Let's create that sense of place 

This past year we were there for Food on the Edge. This is Jp McMahon's , of Anair in Galway, brain child. To bring like minded chefs and foodies together in one place to talk about sustainability and the future of food in our world. 2015 proved a very successful event and we're here to help roll on 2016.  Tickets are on sale now, so if you're into food, sustainability and making a difference, join in. I would encourage all to attend, even if you're not in the food industry. There are ample opportunities to rub elbows with the world's best chefs and forward thinkers as well as food writers, critics and really get to know the local Galway scene. You can find more information at www.foodontheedge.ie 

Touring around Ireland for the local food festivals is a great way to travel independently or with a group. We strive to take in what food festivals are available on every tour so that you get to experience local food and local producers up close and personal. Some great festivals in 2016 are listed below. Let us know how we can help you plan your tour and incorporate the best food, at any price point, to ensure a healthy travel experience. 

       Dungarvan Food Festival - West Waterford Food Festival -  15-17 April, 2016  

      Kerrygold Ballymaloe Literary Food and Wine Festival -  20-22 May, 2016 


      Galway Food Festival - 24-28 March, 2016 


      Dingle Food Festival - 30 September - 2 October, 2016 


     Savour Kilkenny Food Festival  30 September - 2 October, 2016







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